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Intelligent Tax Solution

As we were walking into her office there was someone already waiting for us. We took the stairs because the elevator ...

Ruth D.
Intelligent Tax Solution

Rosemary B says: he appointment was fantastic. Me and my husband have never experienced such great and elite service ...

Rosemary B
Ericka Wilkins - Master Stylist, Salon Owner, Wig Designer

Ericka is a wonderful professional and sensitive stylist. I have various skin and hair problems and Ericka is very ca...

Cassandra Wilkins
Radames Perez

I found Radames while on vacation in Florida .That night I had the best cut on the dance floor the ladies loved it. W...


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Barber Massage
Barber Massage

Turkish Barber Face Massage (and more) - HairCut Harry experiences Jack The Clipper, London U.K.